Winning project

By the end of June, 2015, CEC won 963 national and provincial level (including CREC) prizes, which including 130 national level prizes and 833 provincial level (including CREC) prizes, all theses prizes divided to Science and Technology prize 164 items, Science achievement prize 31 items, the Excellent engineering investigation prize 52 items, Excellent engineering design prize 277 items, Excellent engineering standard design prize 214 items, Excellent engineering cosutancy prize 104 items, Excellent engineering cost estimation prize 2 items, Excellent quality award 12 items, Excellent software prize 32 items, Zhan Tianyu award 4 items and other prizes 71 items.

CEC holds effective patent 121 items, which including 15 invention patents and 9 copyrights registration.

Qinghai-Tibet Railway Engineering

National Grand Prize for Science and Technology Progress

Large Track Maintenance Equipment Technology and Application

National Second Prize for Science and Technology Progress