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Quality policy

Pursuit of excellence by advanced technology and quality service

Occupational Health and Safety and Environmental (HSE) Guideline

China Railway Engineering Consulting Group, Co., Ltd (CEC) dedicated to create a great HSE performance. Our commitment:

CEC will carry out works in a manner that causes minimum harm to its employees and the general public, saving energy and resource, reducing emission, reducing pollutants and protect the environment during the survey, design, consulting, supervisor and EPC process,.

CEC aims to provide safety working condition and great working environment to the employees, pay close attention to the health and safety of the employees, actively advocates the healthy, safety and environmental protection working and living method.

CEC will provide appropriate HSE trainings for all employees to develop their HSE executive force and risk recognition capability, enhance their self-protection and environmental protection consciousness and encourage mutual concern and teamwork. The appraisal and reward of employees will refer to their HSE performance.

CEC will pay close attention to the HSE performance of contractor, supplier, partner and other related parties, make sure they can understand our principle and target and make their performance as per our requirement.

CEC will honestly publish the HSE performance, share the experience and lesson with the society and cooperate with the government and regulators to improve the standards, working process and management process continuously.