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Talent Team

As survey & design enterprise, CEC attaches great importance to talent group construction. During the past 60 years, several generations of CEC people, centers on the development strategy of “making strong enterprise through science, technology and talents”, with the spirit of “keeping pace with the times and willing to assume responsibilities”, with the attitude of “working hard, passionately and uncomplainingly”, with the work style of “down to the earth and constantly improving”, has been having more and more brilliant achievements and numerous experts during glory days.

There are over 2,400 staff in CEC and its subsidiaries, among them over 2,200 are technical staff (with 96 professors and 681 senior engineers), and over 630 registered engineers, covering more than 30 specialties in over 10 technical fields such as traffic and transportation, buildings, civil engineering, geological engineering, surveying and mapping, electrical engineering, communications, mechanical engineering, automation, environmental protection, mining, metallurgical engineering, engineering economy, and electronic information etc. CEC boasts for having 1 survey master, 1 people who obtains national outstanding contribution of young and middle-aged expert, 18 experts who enjoys special government allowance of state council, 1 expert who selected national candidate for New Century Talents Project, 1 expert who enjoys provincial government special allowance, 1 provincial excellent expert, 2 professional and technical leaders of Ministry of Railway, 8 people who obtain ministry level outstanding contribution of young and middle-aged expert, 13 people who obtain youth scientific and technological talents, 9 people who awarded Zhan Tianyou achievements, 2 people who awarded Mao Yisheng railway engineer prize, 2 super experts of CREC, 2 expert of EREC, 2 people who obtain CREC outstanding contribution of young and middle-aged expert, 24 professional and technical leaders of CREC.