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CEC Won the Bidding for Design General Contract of Lanzhou Rail Transit Line 3 Project (Phase I)

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 Through the fierce competition, CEC won the bidding of design general contract of Lanzhou Rail Transit Line 3 project (phase I), the bidding price is 235 Million Yuan. This is CEC’S first traditional rail transit project with the whole process from Feasibility Study, Special Supporting Research to the general design contract. It is the significant milestone for CEC.

The total length is 17.27 km including 2.49 km release line. There are 14 stations along the line including 12 underground and 2 elevated ones, the average station distance is 1.3 km. 2 main transformer station will be established and 1 depot will be set in the Gentle hillside of the north side of the Yellow River. The total investment of the project is 15.89 Billion Yuan. It is planning that the construction starting in 2018 and the commercial operation in 2022.