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CEC Won Two Bids in Heilongjiang Province

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CEC has won the pre-feasibility study on Tangwang River-Heibei section and Mingshan- Fujin section along the border railway, the survey and design work of upgrading project for train speed raising on Fuyu-Mohe respectively.

TangWang River-He Bei section and Mingshan-Fujing section is the highest value package of this time bidding, the total length of the new-build main line is 231KM with the investment of 7 Billion yuan. It is the new start point for CEC to participate in the railway market in the Northeast Region, which the project locally owned; it also lays a strength foundation for CEC to expand the regional railway markets.

The upgrading project for train speed raising on Fuyu-Mohe, including Funen line and Nenlin line, passing through the Fuyu, Nahe, Nenhe, Gagedaqi, Tahe and Mohe station, the total length is 842 KM with total investment of 13.5 Billion Yuan. The contract value (covering preliminary survey and feasibility study) is 55.563 million yuan. It is the longest existing line of upgrading project for train speed raising which undertaken by CEC.